Each one, use one! The Osaka SDA group has established small groups to provide members the opportunity to use their God-given talents of our diverse members for the church and the community at large. To this end, our members have been assigned various groups to work cooperatively under the guidance of the Holy Spirit for enrichment. 

Hospitality and welfare: Noah Nkrumah-Adasa
This is the main welfare branch of the church. The group is committed to ushering services, visitation, church potluck and reaching out to members with special needs.

Social: Richard Harris
The group exists to plan and organize all social and community oriented activities in church. These include special programs (e.g. thanksgiving, Christmas programs), community outreach, and many more.

Bible Study: Pastor Rex Abbott / Seth Asare Okyere 
This group is in-charge of planning, organizing and implementing Sabbath school discussion, bible classes for interested members and visitors, outreach and special study topics.

Music: Tatenda Chivero
The music group consists of members who are interested to use their music talents to bless the church in worship services. The group organizes special song service every Sabbath and also responsible for the planned choir formation.

Youth: Joy
Children bible class and special programs to build the spiritual, social, mental aptitudes of young people for the life here and the hereafter. 

Administration: Peter Chivero
This is the main secretariat of the church. Their task encompasses liaising with other groups to develop program of activities, organizing church meetings and performing secretarial duties.

IT: Jesus Romero

This group handles all the information and communication technology aspects of all church activities, including audio and video recording of services, social media, website management among others.


Damien Thompson

Perry Chinyama

Mark Wilmot

Pastor Ryu Jong Hyu

Pastor Rex Abbott