Every effective relationship is founded on time, communication, and knowledge. At Osaka SDA international group, we built our relationship with God by connecting through biblical teaching, prayer and inspiring worship. Our Saturday worship services commences at 9.30 AM where you can join us in hymns of inspiration and Saturday bible discussion (Sabbath school). The second part of our service begins at 11:00 AM, when we listen to encouraging and uplifting sermons from our members. At 12:30 PM there is a Potluck to enjoy as a family. Whoever you are, whether you are Christian or not, you are warmly welcome and we believe you will enjoy our worship service. 

Community service

Community Worship

Love is service and the strongest manifestation of Christian living is to extend the love of God to the community around. This is a core principle of our community. Our quarterly song service to the MIZUHO nursing home for the elderly, voluntary contributions for disaster relief and periodic bazaar to raise funds for charity exemplify this core belief. Join us giving time, talent and resources to serve Osaka. 

Our group is a ‘League of Nations’, so to speak. We cover all continents on this earth and share in the diversity of God’s creation. Here, you will find a United Nations of Christians from The Seychelles, Philippines, Indonesia, USA, Kenya, Jamaica, New Zealand, Ghana, Barbados, Zambia, Salomon Islands, Mexico, Zimbabwe, and of course Japan. We are united in Christ, His love and the hope of His imminent return.

An international community of Adventist Christians

If you want to know more about our beliefs, follow this link.