In the sermon, Pr Abbot's shares the story of God and His intimate bonding with us. God is love and invites us to share in His love with one another. In Christ this love is restored and we are spiritually empowered to share this love. We invite you to experience this God of love. See the full sermon below. 

The Third Missionary Journey (Acts 20:24)

Luke records the third missionary journey of Paul following his visit to Antioch. What was Paul's mission and the fruit of it. This week Luke takes us through this journey and reinforces the outworking of Spirit in the work.  Read more

Dear friend, we are excited to have you here. Our group is intended to help you to connect with God, grow deeper in your relationship with Him and serve humanity with selfless love. We hope you can share in this through the diversity of our group and the associated talents; sound biblical teaching; and inspiring spirit-filled worship. We would be glad to welcome you to our service and get involved with our group. Join us!

We exist to offer a spiritual community of friendship, bible study and Christian service, with a goal to share the selfless love God and the glorious hope in the imminent return of Christ Jesus. 

Ryu Jong Hyun

Osaka Center Church Pastor.

  • Osaka SDA International worship will have an International Day to celebrate it's diversity. Join us on November 24th.
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  • Watch our Sabbath sermons live on YouTube every Saturday at 11.30am. 

Perry Chinyama 

International Group Leader.


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Rex Abbott

International Group Pastor.

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We will be glad to share with you in the spirit-filled worship of songs, sermons and prayer. Interested to know more about the Bible? We are more than joyous to study together the inspiring and hopeful words of God.

Here you will find: links to related websites, books for self-studying, audio files, freeware software and much more. 


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Mark Wilmot 

International Group Coordinator.

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